The Real Juice Bar

Our juices are cold pressed through a Norwalk juicer to maintain the highest nutritional value. We use the highest quality, 100% organic produce, sourced as close to home as possible. Our micro-greens and wheatgrass are grown by us through Simply Organix. Microgreens are always a part of our juices under "seasonal greens"… this makes our juices stand apart from the rest! Cutting corners is not an option at The Real Juice Bar! Our juices are available made fresh or made fresh, then frozen.

Our smoothies are 100% organic and vegan. All selections contain generous amounts of micro-greens to give you sustained energy, clean protein, and a distinct taste! The base is water kefir to encourage easy digestion. You will feel the difference. Our smoothies are available made fresh or made fresh, then frozen.

Our cleanses are not only alkalize and detoxify; they nourish and build! 100% organic, whole food plant based! All cleanses are 12 oz.

Our salads, salad ingredients, and healthy treats are 100% organic, whole food plant based. You can indulge yourself with a snack or treat knowing it is as healthy as any of our other products.

Our wraps use 100% organic spelt wrap, high in protein and low in gluten. All are served with organic sun-dried apples.

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